One to Watch: Japandroids

There is something refreshing about the two man band Japandroids. Apart from having a Star Wars inspired name, they are intense and fast, and they produce some beautifully addictive sounds which will add longevity to their music. Battles blew my mind in 2007 with their technicality and preciseness, but since then Japandroids have added to this with moments of clarity and calmness. Young Hearts Spark Fires is like being on a roller coaster of sound and style; one moment it can be aggressive, while the next moment the buzzing of the guitar pulls the music back to a crawling pace. On Heart Sweats they just ooze attitude, and vocally they pull no punches – varying in tone and softness, they are a breath of fresh air. Crazy/Forever sums up everything in a neat bow – the instrumental aspect of the band, the sound and the ever changing nature of the vocals.

Japandroids are touring with A Place To Bury Strangers and will be playing at the Bodega on the 6th November. They have released their debut album Post-Nothing which is out now. To hear more go to their myspace.

Chris Jones

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    2 November 2009 at 23:20
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    You’re right, it completely sums it up in a neat bow.

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