One to Watch: The Horrors

In Impact issue 179 (which can be found here) the writer interviews the Automatic and they stated that The Horrors “suck! This hype means nothing, as soon as their songs come out, people are going to realise how crap they are”.

I only bring this to your attention to show how wrong people can be; I personally wasn’t around to witness this hatred for them, but it’s probably because The Horrors look and sound different to most bands around which can result in jealousy and even humiliation when that band you are slagging off bring out a great album a few years later. Admittedly this was printed in 2006, but it goes to show that a band aren’t defined by one single act – where are the Automatic now? As Kasabian once stated, The Automatic are “horrible” – now that’s insulting, especially when Kasabian are hailing themselves as the future of Britpop now that Oasis are out of the picture (when in fact no one cares).

That said, the Horrors have produced a dream-like album, intricate and shoegaze-y. Lyrically it sounds like a man proving his honour, and the ambiance of it all flows beautifully; the only way it could get better would  be to see them live.

The Horrors are playing at the Rescue Rooms on the 3rd December. Their album Primary Colours is out now. Myspace | Spotify

Chris Jones

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    1 December 2009 at 03:15
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  • James
    5 December 2009 at 23:25
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    Fantastic album but bloody hell, does everything have to relate to this ridiculous and elusive pseudo-genre called ‘shoegaze’ . I saw them on thursday and they were brilliant and certainly no-one there would associate such a good band with ‘shoegazing’.

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