One to Watch: Wavves

California dreamin’, surf, punk-pop, glo-fi, lo-fi – whatever you choose to call it, it has washed over us all this year with the likes of The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Crystal Stilts and Times New Viking representing a year of DIY bands. Nathan Williams is no stranger to Nottingham, having played at the Chameleon earlier this year. However over summer he had something of a meltdown at Barcelona Primavera Sounds Festival, playing a set which has been described as “a self-destructive mess”, which resulted in the cancellation of the European tour.

However success is still within his grasp if he chooses to take it. It’s time to appreciate the music rather than the hype – and it’s really something to get excited about. With the second album being released at the beginning of the year, it’s chaotic, noisy and beautiful. The interludes feels like a machine that is moving and working in the background of his songs. Easily one of the most fun bands to dance around to and personal favourites can come from any song; Wavves are proving that home-made music is a treat to the ears like Turkish delights are to young Edmund.

Wavves will rock your socks at the Bodega on the 20th November. Their second albums called Wavvves is out now. Myspace | Spotify

Chris Jones

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    14 November 2009 at 15:25
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    Did anybody interview dananananaykroyd when they were in Nottingham?

  • Chris Jones
    15 November 2009 at 18:08
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    Yeah, we have an interview with them and we uploaded it a few weeks ago. But the editors of this site have yet to confirm the submission.

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