Overacheivers-Soc: Medic’s Musical Ticks All the Boxes

West Side Story

Saturday 31st Oct, 7:30pm

With 5 stellar performances of Jerome Robbins’ West Side Story at the end of October, Nottingham’s med students proved it isn’t just in academia that they excel. From the moment the curtain went up on 1950s New York, for the final show, the cast, crew and orchestra pulled out all the stops for a spectacle that brought laughs, tears and cheers aplenty.

The standout performance of the night was undoubtedly Andrew McCafferty, as the male lead Tony; note-perfect and in-character throughout, any critic would be hard pushed to find fault. Also exceptional was Rebecca Dobra as Anita who delivered every nuance of her character’s emotional rollercoaster with finesse, and in a perfect Latina accent! The two gangs, The Jets and The Sharks, lent humour and sex appeal to an otherwise serious plot line, with the Jets’ raucous rendition of “Officer Krupke” sending the audience into rapturous applause. And at the other end of the spectrum came a stunning solo dance performance from Orly Huff, to one of the shows most beautiful songs, “Somewhere.”

Speaking to Impact at the after-show party, angel-voiced female lead Alice Taylor expressed her pride in everything the cast and crew had achieved: “We’ve put on a fantastic show this week; I just hope the audience enjoyed it as much as we have”. And with rumours flying that the two leads’ chemistry isn’t confined to the stage, Impact grilled McCafferty on whether he’d be making a repeat performance of his scenes with Taylor anytime soon. He said “Put it this way, I kiss her five or six times every night and I’d be happy to do it again!” Let’s just hope it’s only the romance that lingers and medics don’t start dropping like flies!

Everyone Impact spoke to said the show had far exceeded all expectations and credit must be given where it’s due to the fantastic Committee, in particular, producer Dave Antognini, director Sam Walker, assistant director Lucie Pierce and fantastic musical director Becky Hurrell. Well done to all!


Lucy Davies

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