Waiting Room @ The Surface Gallery

Featuring the artists Jonathan Ryall, Becca Whittaker, Maria Cassidy, Tom Chase and Laura Macleod

Innovative and thought-provoking new artworks from around the globe are shown in the latest exhibition at Surface Gallery. The exhibition brings together the works of five young and incredibly creative artists soon graduating from Loughborough University.

Waiting Room is a space full of innumerable stimulations. Once you get in, it is impossible to ignore the multiplicity of forms, sounds, lights and colors surrounding you. By no means is Waiting Room a peaceful space; rather, it is a disturbing area absorbing viewer’s attention, and playing with their senses. Consciousness and rationality give way to a very intensive flow of emotions and deeply hidden and spontaneously re-discovered memories.

Interaction between the viewer and the presented artworks is the key point of the exhibition. Yet there is a question whether it is the viewer who interacts with the arts and manages this process, or the arts that takes control over viewer’s reaction.

This exhibition’s diverse selection of work includes paintings, installations and sculptures. Its most powerful piece is a small and carelessly constructed cabin, located in the very centre of the room. Evoking memories from Lars Von Trier’s Antichrist, this cabin is filled with incredibly bright lights and loud music. It gives you a headache, or at least blinds your eyes for a while, and yet its emptiness also stikes you at the same time. Definitely an overwhelming impression. After leaving, ask yourself “what did I expect to see inside?”

Although each piece of work is interesting, it is rather difficult to say what the common denominator is. Playing with the form seems to be the most collective feature, however the exhibition as a whole seems to be only randomly selected.

Waiting Room is a great selection of work representing a new generation of young and fresh artists who are creative enough to challenge our rationality, and activate all of the senses. It will be interesting to follow the future careers of these artists, and since they will graduate from Loughborough University, it is pretty reasonable to expect that they will continue to exhibit in Nottingham in the future.

Ola Konopka

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