Win a year’s supply of Primula Squeezy Cheese!

Primula squeezy cheese is a leading household name that has been enjoyed by the masses for 80 years. It’s a tasty, quick, cheap, no fuss food that can be used in a variety of ways including as a spreadable cheese or as a cooking sauce in meals like pasta. Its range of flavours like cheese, cheese & chive, cheese & ham, cheese & prawn and this year’s limited edition flavour smokey cheese adds to its versatility making it a must-have ingredient in any student kitchen.

Primula also contains more real cheese than any other cheese spread on the market making it a good source of calcium. The convenient tube format means it can be enjoyed anywhere at anytime by anybody.

The convenience of the Primula tube means people can literally enjoy it anywhere. We want to flex the minds of our country’s brightest prospects by challenging them to take pictures of themselves in the weirdest and wonderful-est places they can possibly imagine. The best photo will win a year’s supply of Primula and a Primula goodie bag, so you can keep your pennies for nights out rather than spending it on sandwich fillers and an endless supply of pasta sauce!

Send your entries to [email protected] Closing date: 11th December 2009.



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