A Guide to: Surviving 4th Year

It’s like a nightmare. You walk into the first Ocean of the year, eager to relive the glorious debauchery of your first two years, and suddenly you realise: you know no one. You’ve gone from knowing 70% of the clientele to knowing 7, in what feels like the blink of an eye! So how do you survive as a returning study abroad/course change/masters student when it seems like all you knew and loved about uni life is gone?

Join as many societies as possible. So you went on a few rag raids in first year. Admit it; you were usually too hung over to drag yourself onto those harbingers of terror/fun-filled buses (delete as appropriate). This time around, there’s a mission at hand and you’ve got to get involved. Get yourself onto the SU website and sign up for Canoe Polo, Role-playing and War Games Soc, Reggae Soc, Pole/belly dancing – whatever takes your fancy! You budding journos could even try writing for Impact…

Make friends with the years below you. There are some who would argue that “sharking for freshers” is a hobby in itself. You’re as young as the person you feel, right? But if you’re not of the cougar mentality just yet, you might want to take a rain check on this one. Nevertheless, we tend to find that intoxication (read: 10 double vodka lemonades) is a quick route to becoming besties, and then there are always lectures. Hey, you might find a hottie, and you’re never too old for passing notes in class!

Come Dine With Me. Here’s a general rule, students will never pass up a meal. Anything beats beans on toast for the 3rd night in a row. Gather your remaining friends and get everyone to bring something. Then make a crowd-pleasing main course! It doesn’t really matter what, once you’ve ploughed through a bottle of wine or six…

Go to Doctors Mess. Alcohol-fuelled girls and boys with glittering careers in medicine ahead of them. Ideal. The last year of uni’s for finding a husband/wife anyway isn’t it?

And finally, we know its shocking…you should probably take a seat…you could always do some work? …Nah, us neither!

By Lucy Davies

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