Bobbing for Apple

With publications from The Times to The Metro suffering from ever-decreasing sales of physical paper editions, many are looking to digital media readers, such as the Amazon Kindle, to provide a solution. Interestingly, Apple are developing their own device…

Moles inside Foxconn, the company who manufacture the iPhone, iPod and Mac on behalf of Apple claim that an ‘iTablet’ will arrive around January 2010, just in time for Apple’s yearly keynote speech about their latest products.

But how much do we really know? Apple are remaining unsurprisingly quiet but the New York Times, The Financial Times and numerous online news agencies have reported leaks, moles, and hushed rumors regarding a new ‘Apple Slate’ or ‘iTablet’. It has also been confirmed that the publisher McGraw Hill, along with others, has been in talks with Apple to provide content for the iTunes store for use on this mysterious device.

Apple (as ever) refuse to comment.

The rumored tablet is set to retail around £450, but will it be the saviour of the print industry? A knight in shining armour perhaps? Only time will tell.

Chris Radford


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