Brass Monkey Review

Situated in Nottingham’s famously stylish Lace Market, Brass Monkey brands itself “the home of the informed drinker”. However, after a decade of being a bastion of refinery in the field of cocktails, this is a bar that is looking to target a fresh, young audience of shakers, rattle and rollers. Impact have looked at it from as many different angles as possible to give an overall verdict on this high-profile establishment.

Aesthetics and Atmosphere

Situated on High Pavement amidst a cluster of other high-end watering holes, Brass Monkey oozes urban cool from the outset. The large window at the front gives a preview of the interior, enticingly inviting you inside. Once in, you can get a real feel of why this place is regarded as one of the most stylish underground bars in the Midlands. The murals on the wall blend sexy with intriguing and the lighting tops it all off. Brass Monkey caters for many with a carefully selected playlist which flits with laid-back ease between classic rock, pop and house to create an atmosphere that you cannot find anywhere else in town. However, if you are looking for your mainstream, jump-up-and-down-and-sing-a-long chart fix, then you will find yourself sorely disappointed.
RATING – 5/5

Promos and Prices

Brass Monkey has made huge strides in the last year in the way they market their drinks. Though competitively priced for regular clients, Happy Hour prices run all night every night with an NUS card. In addition, this year a swathe of nights have come in, providing special offers for certain less regarded styles of drinking. If you want to learn the joys of Absinthe, then head down on a Friday for ‘Death in the Afternoon’ for an education on the various uses of the Green Fairy. A wide spectrum is covered, from classic American Whisky drinks to innovative Tiki tipples.
RATING – 3/5


Brass Monkey has been awarded Best Cocktail Bar three years running for a reason. Their menu is one that jumps from classical to crowd-pleasing to genuinely envelope-pushing with the turn of a page, with incredible and consistent results. It would be errant of me at this point not to point out that this is a bar that possesses quite possibly the finest selection of Cuban and Tiki influenced drinks in the Midlands.
MAKE MINE A : Although they do the best Manhattan in town, the lip-smacking Slush Monkey, and the irrepressible James Brown are absolute musts!
RATING – 5/5


Brass Monkey is the perfect venue for taking a special someone, or showcasing the prodigious quality of drinks for out-of towners due to its intimate interior and friendly, professional staff. However, if you are looking to tie on a big one with a crowd or a team, this may not be the place you want to end your night. The laid-back yet limited space on offer doesn’t give much room to throw shapes, and as mentioned before, you won’t be hearing the latest pap (yes, pap) sensation from Radio 1. An upstairs bar that can be hired out privately amply caters for parties of up to a hundred and has space for DJs, singers and even a facility to hook your iPod up to the recently refurbished sound system for an exclusive feel and an equally high standard of drinking.
RATING – 4/5


This is the best place in Nottingham to go for an intimate and sophisticated drink, no question. Brass Monkey is an establishment that merits every one of the many awards it has received. Operating at the height of urban cool,it is fast becoming a popular hang-out for students that care about the nature of their tipples. It may not be the best place to end your night, or even to have a big one, but that’s not what this place is about. Start here, maybe stay here, and you’ll be talking about it for the rest of the week.


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