Carnage in Sheffield

The future of Carnage bar crawls are in doubt after mass media coverage of an incident which saw Sheffield University student Philip Laing urinate on a war memorial in the city centre. A photo was taken of the incident and was lauded around the national press. Carnage – one of many bar crawls that operate in Nottingham – refused to accept responsibility for the Laing incident, stating that they were “appalled that one individual treated a war memorial in a highly disrespectful manner”.

Talking to Impact, the organisers of Carnage argued that student unions are deliberately hindering their bar crawls: “Student unions actively try and thwart Carnage events by threatening clubs and societies with the removal of their funding if they are seen to be associated with any Carnage event.” It seems that there were growing tensions between some student unions and the organisers before the Laing incident hit the headlines.

When Laing was in court, the judge remarked that the former public schoolboy “should also have been joined in the dock by the organisers”. However, Carnage strongly deny any wrongdoing, reminding Impact that all events are “carefully planned, organised and managed, with participating venues supplying free soft drinks”.
The University of Nottingham Students’ Union made no comment on Carnage’s bar crawls, clarifying that “The University of Nottingham Students’ Union does not have any link with Carnage. We are aware that the company operates in Nottingham and that some students attend its events, but we do not promote Carnage nights or have any connection to them.”

Scott Perkins

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  • Lewis
    5 January 2010 at 00:49
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    Well, blaming carnage is ridiculous, It was definatly wrong for Phillip to urinate on the war memorial, I would be disgusted if i witnessed it, however I fail to see how carnage is responsible, the name suddenly makes them sound demonic, we have carnage here in swansea, and what happens (as happens everywhere else) is you go to a bar, have some drinks, then get moved on to the next bar by stewards who are actually there to ensure no trouble occurs. It could be argued that Carnage are doing more than anybody else to ensure their nights are safe and clean. I’m not aware of ever being told by carnage “get wasted and urinate on public property” You wouldn’t blame the students union if this happened on any freshers week event. You’d blame the student.

  • Settit
    11 January 2010 at 16:25
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    Ridiculous-they’ve just blown the whole thing out of proportion. They seem to be blaming Carnage for its mere existence rather than any select wrongdoing (none as far as I can see).

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