Closed Park Gate fails to ‘grab a grand’

The ‘Option 2’ campaign to publicise the right of way through the Park to the city centre has failed to secure a £1,000 cash boost from Nottingham City Council. The route has been the subject of debate after Park residents voted to lock the gate between the private estate and Lenton Road between 11pm and 5am, closing the way to students returning from town.

‘Option 2’ planned to use the £1,000 to highlight the route’s status as a public right of way and to put up signs advertising local businesses. The Council investment was directed towards building a clay oven on Arkwright Meadows community gardens instead, as voted for by the public.

The closure of the route follows complaints from residents regarding late night anti-social behaviour. Seventy-four anti-social behaviour incidents were reported over an eight-month period. Neighbourhood Watch manager, Steve Rollin stated that: “Once people have had their night out they come back at 3am or 4am through the estate, shouting and singing… on one occasion they broke a couple of gas lamps.”

Nottingham City Council has proved that the route is an historic public right of way. Head of Transport, Mark Parkinson, has said that this makes it eligible to apply for a special order to keep the route open.

Sam Wilkinson, the SU Accommodation and Community Officer, is concerned that the locked gate is forcing students to take longer and more dangerous routes home from town at night. He would like to hear from any student who has been affected by the closure.

Rachel Randall


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