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Interview with Lucy Davies

JLS shot to fame in the 2008 series of ITV’s The X Factor and have had two successive Number 1 singles over the last few months. Now, as the new series winds down, Impact talks to JB about their X Factor 2009 favourites, fame and interesting birthday gifts!

You were in Louis’ section last year; do you think he was right to put John and Edward through to the final 12?

Yeah, of course! You know, it’s called The X Factor; the show is about more than just vocal talent. They’ve got character and obviously Louis saw that they could provide entertainment and put them through. And they’ve survived so far, so…

Who do you want to win The X Factor this year?

Well, we’ve all got different ones obviously, but the group favourite was probably Rachel because we met her at boot camp last year and we’re friends with her. So we were obviously wishing her well, we were gutted when she was voted out. But me and Aston really like Stacey, we think she’s pretty cool. Marvin likes Olly and Oritse liked Miss Frank, but unfortunately they’ve gone now.

Which of your performances on The X Factor was your favourite?

Probably our best performance was Rihanna’s “Umbrella”, because of the whole vibe, it was semi-final night, we found out we’d got through to the final and it was just an incredible night for us. And then probably “The Way You Make Me Feel” because we love the track, it’s obviously a favourite of ours, and it really started to come together for us with that performance.

What is the biggest change in your life since The X Factor, apart from free Nandos?!

Probably the reception we get when we just leave the house now – if we want to try and get something to eat, or go out, or literally if we just want to go shopping. You get people stopping you, wanting pictures with you, some people even crying because they’ve seen you and met you and are shaking your hand. It’s hard to adjust to.

Do you miss anything about ‘normal’ life?

Yes, our privacy! Obviously we’re no longer in a private domain and I’m a very private person. I don’t really like people to know all my business. When it’s family or people close to you it’s different but I don’t particularly like it to be all out there. And it’s not that bad at the moment… But when you’re in this business you can’t go to dinner with a girl without people thinking she’s your girlfriend, even if it’s your best friend of 10 years! That would probably be the worst thing…

You were midway through a degree at Kings when The X Factor blew up. What is the fate of that degree now? Do you think you’ll ever go back and finish?

I was doing a degree in Theology and Oritse had done 3 out of 4 years of an Events Management degree. I might go back and finish, I don’t know if I’d just be able to go and finish that last year to be honest, but I’d consider doing the course again. But I would probably do it after I’ve achieved everything I want to achieve with this, now that I’ve had the opportunity to do it. And there’s a lot to achieve!

Who’s the most famous person you’ve met?

Marvin’s saying him, but it’s not Marvin! Probably Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Thierry Henry, Lewis Hamilton…

Seeing as your new single is “Everybody in Love”, which famous girl would you wait “forever and a day” for?

Famous girl… I don’t know. I’d wait forever and a day for someone that I really, really knew and I don’t know that many famous girls. But I’m going to roll with Megan Fox.

Okay, textbook answer. What’s the craziest thing a girl’s done to get close to you boys?

One of our really, really hardcore fans wrapped herself up in wrapping paper for Oritse’s birthday and he had to unwrap the package…

Was she naked underneath?

She was standing there in a French Maid’s outfit with nipple tassles!

Do other artists or celebrities treat you differently now you’ve had number 1 singles? Do you think it legitimises you, having come from a talent show?

No, not at all. Everyone’s always shown us a lot of love and support. At the moment we’re so busy we don’t really have time to hang around other artists and stuff but we’re really close with Chipmunk, N-Dubz and Alexandra from the show. And if you look at what Leona’s done for shows like The X Factor as a whole, and from last year what Alex, and now ourselves, have done, I don’t think people look at it like that anymore. Even with Lemar beforehand, with Girls Aloud, those are both fully fledged acts that have made it in their own right but have also come from reality TV shows. So I think it’s a bit of a myth that other artists think we’ve had it too easy.

This is our 200th issue. If I gave you £200 to spend right now, what would you buy?

I’d probably buy some jewellery because that’s something that I don’t have a lot of that I’d like.


I don’t need to buy any clothes, I don’t need to buy any Nando’s, you can’t buy a house with it, you can’t buy a car with it…what do you want me to spend it on?!

Fair enough!

JLS’s self-titled album is out now!

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