Games Roundup

You should be playing…
Modern Warfare 2
In the face of the credit crunch, lesser games cut, reduced and ran. Not this one. With its RRP a whopping £44.99, MW2 knows it’s a beast – 2009’s must-play at all costs (even extortionate ones). It doesn’t disappoint. Weapons have heft and feel like damaging pieces of kit, credible and intense shootouts across airports lounges, Brazilian slums and a prison island inspired by The Rock are punctuated by supremely cool dialogue – British forces don’t get harder than Captain Price – and the multiplayer will take the internet by storm. We haven’t a bad word to say about it.
Rating: 5 Stars

You will be playing…
Left 4 Dead 2
With 100 or so words to work with here, nitpicking feels wrong in the face of overwhelming improvement. There are more diverse and interesting enemies including the Spitter – spits poisonous green goo – and creepy Hazmat zombies, buckets more gore (Australia threatened a ban without a tone-down), and the new chainsaw and baseball bat weapons are a riot. Yes, levels contain few surprises on the 20th play-through; yes the characters aren’t as compelling, but hey, zombies rule. 2009’s second-best shooter.
Prediction: 4 Stars

Ben Griffin


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