Overheard in the …Archives

“I’ll never give you Whisky again Bertie”
You must read this book – the main theme is women, secondly whisky; but there’s a bit about conifers.
‘there are no good women and bad women, only plain women and pretty women’
“A gentleman is a person who takes “goodnight” as an answer’
“Where are the staff gardens?”
“I couldn’t get a dance , there were too many loose women”
“Do the staff ever use the staff gardens”
“Has anybody seen my husband?” (at the Union Ball – frequently)
‘We greet, with unqualified joy, the appearances of chips on the menu’
“Have you a faculty for love?” “No but Im a student body”
“Coffee (strong and black) seemed to be the most popular drink in the refectory on Saturday morning after the Phys-Chem, Dance.”
“be persistent even if she isn’t beautiful’
‘I come here FOR the necking. The coffee’s no ——— good, and what else is there?’
Everytime we do it I get my legs tangled in his
I don’t know which to join, the Music society, The Rhythm Society or the Ballet society. I suppose they’re all the same really.’
“Oh he’s never made love to me when we’ve been alone’
A Carnival Officer is a man who supervises girls to go into the streets and collect money.
A cauliflower is merely a cabbage with a college education
It is the aim of every woman to become a permanent mate to any, repeat, any, unwitting male
Many still think of topping and tailing as a way to prepare fruit or of 69 as the rate of VAT on a bottle of whiskey
Found any blind lesbians yet? Stay clear of the sardines.
‘what’s the biggest turn on in a man? ‘a whacking great slonger’
What’s the biggest turn off? ‘A cheesy knob end’
Do mix edgy denim cuts with shell and lycra textures.

Hattie Hamilton and Emily Goodyear


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