Rambert Dance Company @ The Theatre Royal

The Rambert Dance Company is an innovative group of 22 of the world’s finest contemporary dancers. In this performance choreographer Mark Baldwin introduced his new work commissioned by the Darwin Festival, ‘Comedy of Change’. Moving to a spiky score, the dancers were alternately elastic and brittle, switching between steps inspired by the springy mating dances of birds and a structured exploration of nature’s use of camouflage. Yet the blend of the scientific and artistic wasn’t completely realised and left the audience a little cold.

The superior piece of the evening was undoubtedly Christopher Bruce’s ‘Hush’- a joyous celebration of the dynamics between a family of travelling players. A beautiful extension effortlessly melted into a childlike stamp of the foot, or swung into a country gallop, perfectly supported by the tangy sunshine that is the music of Bobby McFerrin and cellist Yo-Yo Ma.

By Isabelle Parkin

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