The Paranormal: Balderdash or Bugger Me


Our fear of the unknown combined with our imagination can make for some pretty ridiculous theories – if you were asked to provide conclusive evidence that paranormal activity was indeed that (i.e. a supernatural phenomenon), I guarantee that you would fail. Why? Because for every unexplained ‘paranormal’ event is a perfectly reasonable scientific explanation – The Paranormal simply does not exist.

What however is real, is our unfathomable desire to believe that ‘there’s something out there’, regardless of continued scientific disapproval . And yes, I assure you that no matter how convinced somebody is on the existence of wandering spirits, the undead, fairies, unicorns and so on, it’s because they want to believe, not because they really do exist.

Don’t get me wrong – I derive some pleasure from scary films and ghost stories. They’re pretty entertaining, and not always just for the comedy value. But I’m sorry; as much I would relish a meeting with the paranormal, it isn’t going to happen.

Aarohi Sharma

Bugger Me:

To call shenanigans on the paranormal is to call into question Living TV’s Derek Acorah, and I’m not about to do that. Our fascination with the occult has been around as long as we have: ancient cultures believed your soul escaped in cold weather when you exhaled, while there are branches of philosophy dedicated to the subjectivity of truth. In other words, to that mentalist who claims to see ghosts, you might be the mentalist.

Maybe it’s the impact of ‘2009’s scariest film’ Paranormal Activity on my impressionable mind, a fear of sleeping with the lights off, or a combination of the two but yes, I believe in ghosts.
Adding further evidence to my watertight argument is Most ghost stories told there may have the spelling of a 10-year old, and end with the sentence ‘This really happened!’, but it could make you a believer…

Ben Griffin


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