The Underground Rebel Bingo Club

The newest, edgiest, most secretive night is about to explode in Nottingham. Forget the inevitable Lash, Gash and Banter. The only word on your lips is going to be Bingo; Underground Rebel Bingo in fact. Already a cult favourite in London, Nottingham is about to fall back in love with Bingo. The Underground Rebel Bingo Club holds nights weekly in London, in edgy, underground venues that are always kept secret, but has attracted enough attention to have been on the same bill as Little Boots, Hot Chip and even Basement Jaxx. Their fans include Nick Grimshaw, Stephen Merchant, and the cast of the In-Betweeners. It has already got its name around the student network having kicked off at other universities including Sheffield, Oxford Brookes and Warwick, at which a group of girls were caught shrieking “This is the coolest, weirdest, silliest night- please don’t tell anyone about it”.

In short, the night is about drinking, dancing, drawing on each other, and most importantly winning prizes. One of the strangest things about rebel bingo, however, is that it is supposed to be “underground”. Its speciality lies in its secrecy. When you get a ticket you are given secret instructions to get to the venue and instructed not to tell anybody about it. Isn’t this the opposite of what most club promoter’s do? “Our main policy is ‘no wankers’”, explains its co-inventor Freddie Fortune, “we know it’s a wicked night out, and we want to offer an experience outside the mainstream arena. The secret aspect is really just to keep that vibe.”

As well as offering a unique night out, some lucky students can emerge in the early hours with more than an empty wallet. Student necessities like the i-pod party speaker, a sumo-wrestling outfit and some cold hard cash are just a handful of what rebel bingo has to provide. But be prepared. You can just about hear the bingo calls over the music being played, and once your ear has tuned in; you realise this was not in keeping with the types of calls you hear at Mecca. “Cum on my tits, 66” and “it’s like a big penis, and a massive bumhole, 10” are just some of the calls to get you dabbing your numbers in a drunken frenzy.

Why Bingo over another night at Market Bar or Gatecrasher? The answer is simple; drinks, dancing, dirty electro, amazing prizes, and one hell of a good night.

So, reader, can I briefly ask a favour? Please don’t tell anybody you have read this article.
The Underground Rebel Bingo Club is opening in Nottingham on December 3rd in a secret venue. Tickets are £3 in advance, £5 on the door, but the venue is only revealed when you buy the ticket. Tickets are available from Reps or the Website. Go to www.rebelbingo.com or join the Facebook group for more information.

Nina Sorensen


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