Games Roundup

2009 – Swine Flu! Obama! Videogames! While Ant and Dec whipped families up and down the country at New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Modern Warfare 2 – officially the biggest game launch ever – turned the word ‘Killstreak’ into popular lexicon. When we weren’t tuning cars in the ridiculously comprehensive driving sim Forza 3 we were crashing ‘em, and Scribblenaughts on the DS, where what you write turns real, taught us all that giant octopus beats ninja (but Cthulhu beats all).
Right, that’s 2009 sorted. Eyes ahead to 2010 – more flu, more Obama, and more videogames.

You should be playing…

Fancy a history lesson on 16th century Renaissance Italy? No? What about one in which you’re best mates with Leonardo da Vinci, can stab people with dual retracting blades from your wrists, and climb virtually any building in scarily-accurate recreations of beautiful Italian cities like a great, pasta-eating Spiderman. The first ‘Creed,’ a 2006 best-seller, feels like a test-run for a sequel where diving into water no longer results in instant death (though gondolas save your clothes from getting wet), and the multitude of ways you can dispatch foes boarders on the ridiculous. Now that’s a history lesson.

Rating: 4/5



We’ve been playing so much Modern Warfare we’ve forgotten about this one, but with the recent release of the Sgt. Pepper album as downloadable content there’s never been a better time to pretend-play the Fab Four’s greatest hits. Yes, we know there’s a stigma associated with tapping little plastic guitars, but get a few like-minded Beatlemaniacs round and you’ll be John-Paul-George-and-Ringoing into the night. The only problem? Arguing over who gets to play lead guitar! If you’re a fan this is an absolutely essential piece of band merchandise.

Prediction 4/5

Ben Griffin


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