Interview: Har Mar Superstar

Impact’s Scott Perkins recently met up with NME’s Rock and Roll Man of the Year 2004, Har Mar Superstar to discuss his new album, his success with women and what he thinks of Nottingham.

Hey Har Mar, how’s it going?

Yeah, pretty good man

First off, what’s the secret to your success with the ladies?

I think its confidence and persistence, a simple formula.

You have just released your new album, Dark Touches. Why has it been so long since a new release?

Well I just decided not to focus on Har Mar for a few years; I have a lot of projects going on. I just didn’t feel like making a record and so I waited ’til I was inspired.

Where did you eventually get your inspiration from?

Just going on tour with Neon Neon, that was really fun but it made me want to do my own show too. I toured with Sia and a lot of people were really excited, you know what I mean, it was kinda like a rebirth.

Who or what are your biggest musical influences?

Probably Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and Elton John.

You have collaborated with some pretty big names, which ones stick out the most in your mind?

Everybody was like really fun to work with. If you finish a song together, it’s like a shared experience, so everyone has been pretty amazing. Karen O was really fun to write with because she has a totally different approach to me and really gets inside the lyrics. When I write stuff it’s clever and off the top but she goes back in to the lyrics and digs deeper.

It’s been a while since we have seen you back in the UK; have you any big plans for your shows?

I have a full band now so it’s more of a fun, bigger party on stage now.

In an online interview you spoke out against sampling in the music industry…

No I haven’t actually, somebody else has asked me this but I don’t think I ever said that. I just don’t do it because it costs a lot of money and it takes away from my song writing. It’s an unnecessary split of money and a lot of paperwork. I think if someone can make an awesome song out of other people’s songs then that’s cool.

What would you say has been your best rock and roll moment?

I would probably say at Glastonbury, standing on stage behind Primal Scream while they played and the sun was setting- it was just an amazing experience.

Talking about festivals, you were at Summercase in 2008 when something reportedly kicked off with John Lydon and Kele Okereke from Bloc Party…

Oh yeah, I was kinda there for everything but I missed the whole fight because I was making out with a girl in the bathroom. It all started because he burnt my hand with a cigarette when I was telling him a story and I was like fuck you dude and walked away. Everyone was really appreciating him and he decided to be a dick back, but everyone kinda blew it out of proportion. It was a memorable night, watching Foals and those skinny indie dudes flapping around, it was hilarious. You have to take into account it was like four in the morning, everyone has a turning point.

Have you seen other altercations at festivals before?

Sure, but normally everyone is pretty civil, normally it’s a really good vibe.

Imagine you see a girl you like at the bar, what would your line be?

I don’t really use lines, I just sort of go in and I guess I’m just direct, if you want to make out, whatever, if they don’t, move on.

What do you make of British girls?

Yeah man, there’s definitely a different approach to take over American girls but I like that. I just like girls in general man.

And finally, you’ve come to Nottingham before, what are your favourite places around here?

I really love the compound of Rock City, Rescue Rooms and Stealth, maybe because I’m always there, but there’s always three completely different things going on.

Scott Perkins


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