Let’s get physical!

This year, the Athletic Union are hoping to improve sporting opportunities for all. Impact caught up with the current AU President, Alexandria Hingley, to see what sports we can enjoy around campus and Nottingham in the coming year.

Firstly, can you just tell us about yourself and your role as AU President?
My job is to oversee all sporting activities that take place within the University. I work on the finances of clubs, giving grants, supplying equipment, helping to organise events such as Superstars, AU balls, and just generally as a point of contact for anything sport related.

For those new to the University, can you briefly describe what IMS stands for and what it is about?
IMS stands for Intra-Mural Sports, and is the biggest IMS system in the country in terms of number of students participating. We have 196 teams over 7 sports, and we have an officer who looks after each sport.

Are there any new sports this year?
Well, tennis was new last year, and from that we saw a demand for other racket sports. We have actually offered two new sports this year, badminton and squash, and already have 65 people for badminton and 80 for squash, so it has gone down well already!

Last year, your predecessor as AU Pres, Paul Lloyd, brought back the Nottingham Superstars event, based around the T.V. show. What format does the competition take?
Well there are eight events: football, basketball, a sprint, archery, swimming, a run and then two further events in the final. These will take place every other Sunday, after the January exams have finished.

Finally then, looking forward to the big event, The Varsity Series against Trent! What can we expect?
Two words, bigger, and better! This is truly a brilliant event, and the captains of the teams involved have already started talking about it! The football lads beat Trent 5-2 recently so I have every faith we will win. Ice hockey is the first event this year at the Trent FM Arena, which never fails to pack out. It starts in the middle of February.

You can’t go without predicting a score, what’s it going to be?

A 13-0 whitewash would be fantastic haha! We won 7.5-5.5 last year, and I think we have better teams so, I’m going for 8-5…to us obviously!

Sam Edwards


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