New Year, New You?

Every year, following at least a week of excessive eating and drinking, when the sight of a turkey (alive or dead) causes a shudder of dread at the thought of another turkey sandwich, we attempt to make the next year in someway better than the last; whether it be joining an overpriced gym we’ll never use, cutting back on a menial one less cigarette a day or trying not to buy too many shoes/ video games/ meals out/ ridiculous purchases when drunk.

So all of a sudden the next year doesn’t become a clean slate to start a fresh; it becomes a new chapter of high expectations of the healthier, better-looking, more charming and more successful person you’ll be at the end of it.

When the chime of midnight strikes on the 31st December, as we cheer incessantly, down our champagne and hope for the best, we certainly don’t look at the past year as a sign of our achievements. In fact we are still smoking 10 a day, are maybe a few pounds heavier and still in just as much debt as the previous year.

Life then becomes a continual competition with yourself as to how much you can achieve year by year. I hope that you will agree that this is tiresome, far too much effort and NO fun at all, especially when you’re traipsing to the gym when it’s snowing outside or keeping your credit card out of reach.

So this year I propose something unheard of. My New Year’s resolution will be not to have one. I’m going to sit back, see what 2010 throws at me and hopefully there will be no cause for disappointment. So what if the clock chimes at the end of 2010 and I’m no richer, more successful or better looking? There’s always going to be change so let’s just see what it’s all about!

Charlotte Robinson


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