Too good to be true? A Lenton-campus Bus Service

Late for that nine o’clock? No problem. A bold proposal by the Student’s Union exec for a “decent, free, bus service” between Lenton, University park and Jubilee campuses has been receiving a somewhat mixed acclaim on social-networking site, Facebook. The ‘LentonLink’ idea is based on the assumption that if free transport is deemed vital for the studies of those based on satellite campuses, the large student presence in Lenton merits a similar service.

Arguments from group members range from the sublime – “bus to ocean on a Friday is an absolute must” – to the ridiculous, with one jocular suggestion mooting that Lenton should be submerged to facilitate easier rowing to University Park. At the same time, some serious proposals have been put forward, such as a late night service to ensure safety, especially for female students. In a mass message sent out by Accommodation and Community Officer Sam Wilkinson, it was acknowledged that a large number of people were against the idea. Concerns had been raised that there would be too many people to provide an adequate service, or where funding would come from.

If the plan was put into action, a very competitive bus route would have another player in the game. Listing “nightmare” on-campus parking among its motivations, the new service would be pitted against what Wilkinson described as an “unacceptably high-priced” Unilink service. At the same time, a statement of intent has been made on currently existing hopper buses, with the union attempting to improve current inter-campus services.

Will Allchorn

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  • Anon
    12 January 2010 at 08:14
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    Well… no. Lenton is right next to campus for heaven’s sake, it’s not like it’s a particularly long walk! If you’re that lazy, perhaps you should consider moving closer to campus or back into halls. I live in Beeston and I don’t see anyone offering to subsidise free transport for my journey to campus every morning!

  • anon
    14 January 2010 at 16:14
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    That depends entirely on where you live in Lenton. Lenton stretches all the way to The Park – which is right by the city centre. That is NOT right next to campus. When I lived in Lenton, it was a 30min walk, actually.

    Having said that, a 30min walk is hardly excessive. But considering when I was around, bus fare was £1.50 single, yes a free bus service wouldn’t go amiss really. I’m more concerned with the price of transport than the distance itself.

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