Election Candidates Announced

With the start of official campaigning, the candidate list for the Student Union Elections has been released.


Ben Ingram
James Torrance
Will Vickers
Jimmy Phillips
Hannan Azhar

Accommodation & Community Officer
Edward “Teddy” Smith
Sam Stone
Scott Perkins
Rebecca Lees

Activities Officer
Candice “Candy” Golend
Douggie McMeekin
Ben Lucy
Richard Lockington
Joseph Tansley
Lawrence Bolton

Athletic Union Officer
Rob Hawkin
David Heads

Democracy and Communications Officer
Dalia Fleming
George Wright
Johnny Priestley

Education Officer
Will “Bicky” Bickford Smith
Georgia Thresh
Phil Whitehead
Emily Faulkner
Faruk Patel

Environment and Social Justice Officer
Ellie Stone

Equal Opportunities and Welfare Officer
Katie Mackay
Wayne Chalom
Luke Place

Finance and Services Officer
William Burks
Oli Margolis
Nick Redfern
Chloe Painter

Faculty Coordinators

Faculty of Arts
Michael de Vletter
Jennifer Hien

Faculty of Law and Social Sciences
Maria Mantynen

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
Lyndsay Hainey

Faculty of Science
Sam Cooper

Faculty of Engineering
Jethro Sturgeon

Representative Officers

Women’s Officer
Emily Stanley
Rosie Tressler

Black Minority Ethnic Students’ Officer
Chantal Korsah
Michael “Mr E” Etienne

LGBT Students’ Officer
Elizabeth “Egg” Goddard

International Students’ Officer
Sascha Fahrbach
Wang Kai
Mo Youssef

Disabled Students’ Officer
Andie Blendl

Postgraduate Officer
Morgan Stankey


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