On the campaign trail – SU Elections to begin at Midnight

Focus is set to be firmly on a highly contested Executive campaign, as Students’ Union Election campaigning officially begins this Friday night at Ocean. Candidates and their teams will be unable to start their electioneering until midnight, whereupon banners will be unfurled, campaign t-shirts will be proudly displayed and the contest will begin in earnest.

While eight of the top positions will be seeing competition between anything from three to six candidates each, Representative Officers and Faculty Coordinator positions could pass under the radar, with only four positions seeing any competition at all in these categories. For three positions – Coordinator of Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, International Students Officer and Mature Students’ Officer – nominations were extended due to a lack of candidates.

The campaign for Environment and Social Justice Officer – a non-sabbatical executive position – is set to be similarly uneventful, with only one candidate standing. Posts such as Disabled Students’ Officer, LGBT Officer and Engineering Faculty Coordinator will see a similar situation. A full candidate list, along with their manifestos, will be released on the Impact website at the opening of campaigning on Saturday morning, with a detailed look at each of the major positions to follow. As candidates desperately vie for our votes over the next two weeks, Impact will be your source for the latest on candidates, crises and controversy.

Candidates aren’t the only story in this campaign, however. As the union attempts to bring democracy closer to campuses as far afield as Derby and Mansfield, does it take it further away from its core student population? Has the push for more female involvement seen any success? Just what are Faculty Coordinators for? We will be looking at these questions and more during the campaign, along with up to the minute coverage of all the big events in the calendar from question time on Sutton Bonington to the results night in The Den.

How do the Presidential candidates square up on bringing the union to the student body? Which Finance and Services candidate can you trust with your money? How can you tell which Activities Officer will give your society the space it needs, and which Education Officer would keep the library in safe hands?

For all the latest news and views, stay with Impact.

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  • anon
    28 February 2010 at 03:33
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    Surprised about the lack of candidates? I’m definitely not. Take a look at the SU website, you’d be forgiven if you thought elections had not begun. Where is the big, bold and attractive advertisement announcing it? Looks like the SU is finally representing the students. THEIR APATHY.

  • I just had a look
    28 February 2010 at 23:22
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    I couldn’t find a thing about them on the front page!

    No tabs, no links, nothing!

    After all the money they must have spent on the promotional materials. I saw poster after poster lazily but next to each other along the corridor outside the Karni office – that’s hardly the most trafficked place on campus. Why don’t they go to the effort of spreading them out to places where more people will see them?

    It’s ridiculous.

    At least the two thing they do mention in a big way; Varsity and the debate/campaign on tuition fees are worthwhile.

    They should take a lesson from Islam awareness week.
    I wasn’t involved, I’m not religious but I appreciate their efforts. Congratulations to everyone involved with Islam awareness week. You did an excellent job of promoting both your faith and the importance of understanding and tolerance.

  • Dan
    1 March 2010 at 00:49
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    Given your strong views I take it you nominated yourself for election?

  • anon
    6 March 2010 at 22:13
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    I am heavily involved in four committees and was a JCR President last year. Next year I will nominate myself for election.

  • Elliott
    26 February 2011 at 17:37
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    There are three candidates for LGBT Officer actually…

  • Dave Jackson
    26 February 2011 at 19:08
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