Strictly Coming Stars in their eyes…on ice @ The New Theatre

For the past three days audiences have been laughing out loud at the sights and sounds of New Theatre’s most recent production. Put on as a fundraiser for this year’s trip to Edinburgh, ‘Strictly Coming stars in their eyes…on ice’ was exactly what the flyer promised: “the ultimate spoof…very entertaining and inevitably weird.” After an hour and a half of watching a variety of terrible and hilarious acts grace the stage in a mock talent show, I left the theatre still smiling, though utterly confused about what had just happened to me…

The show took the form of many of today’s TV talent shows, with the SU president and last year’s New Theatre president acting as ‘esteemed judges’, whilst the acts ranged from hilarious imitations of Kiss and Lady Gaga, to the Titanic sung in a hearty baritone voice. Audience participation and heckling was encouraged throughout, and the host kept the entertainment going throughout the breaks between performers with a dry wit perfectly suited to his role. However, personally I found the most impressive part of the show to be in the lighting design:; the thought that had gone into the lighting of each individual act was monumental in creating an exciting and engaging atmosphere, and helped immensely with the success of this strange little show.

Though at times it resembled a night at the karaoke, tailored more towards the friends and acquaintances of the actors, the show was the height of entertainment and kept everyone laughing. The audience clearly enjoyed every moment, and despite the often slightly disturbing sights and sounds it all added to the atmosphere that emanated from the stage. With each and every one of the actors having such a good time, it was impossible not to simply smile and join in the fun.

By Jennifer Wilkinson

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