Annual open 2010 @ Nottingham Castle

Nottingham Castle currently hosts the Open Exhibition, which houses a selection of local art from in and around the East Midlands. This celebration of both established and new local artists reveals the wealth of talent in this county and showcases many different mediums, from paintings to ceramics and even sofas.

The gallery itself is spacious and easily laid out, with the focus being placed on centrally located items, such as Adam Rushton’s striking ‘Collarcaust’ in which a dog stands astride a mountain of skulls. However, not all the works are as morbid as this; Victoria Lawson’s colourful explosions, for instance, provide a welcome counterpoint.

Whilst visiting the exhibition, it is also worth looking at the older artwork that the Castle houses, in an adjacent wing to the Open Exhibition. This reveals the development of artistic style over the years. The café also comes highly recommended. The Open is a fantastic opportunity to browse local art for free and to appreciate the skyline of Nottingham from way up in the castle grounds.

Finishes 7th March 2010

Sophie Watson


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