Exec Declares Confidence in Elections

A statement has been released today by your Students’ Union Exec stating their “absolute confidence” in Dave Hind and the Elections Committee, following a hectic beginning to voting this week.

The Statement follows:

“On Saturday morning the Executive Committee was copied into an open letter from one of its Officers, Daniel Downes (Welfare And Equal Opportunities Officer), to the Elections Committee.

The Executive fully empathises with Dan’s statement and is in agreement that the actions of an individual at the Candidate Question Time were inappropriate and contrary to the Students’ Union’s equal opportunities policies.

The Executive have absolute confidence in David Hind, the Democracy and Communications Officer, and the Elections Committee and will continue to give its full support during what is an incredibly busy time.”

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  • Steve Williams
    9 March 2010 at 13:33
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    “Empathises”, eh? Does that mean that they don’t agree? Think’s he was a bit foolish in offering his resignation? If I was Dem Comms right now, I’d be fuming.

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