Golden Fleece: Nottingham’s all-rounder?

This local pub made a pleasant change to my normal Sunday morning. Of all the ways to nurse yourself through a fantastic hangover, their Sunday lunch is not a bad solution. Having won best bar food in Nottingham for the past 2 years I was very satisfied with my massive lamb roast accompanied by Bob Marley’s Buffalo Soldier. Price wise it will appear quite expensive compared to say, a Wetherspoons, however, the quality is definitely worth the emptier wallet. As for the rest of the week, they hold open mic nights and live bands on Mondays and Thursdays that are open to all. At the weekend they run club nights, favouring the drum and bass, dubstep, and hip-hop genres. Seeing as The Golden Fleece was recently taken over by the same people who brought you Detonate, it is worth trying out. Whilst I am reluctant to state the common clientele for this old styled pub with a twist, the crowd was an even mix of locals and students, ideal for those who want to relax. One slightly puzzling aspect of this pub, however, had to be the drinks selection. It was like the unholy love child of Brass Monkey and Ye Old Trip Inn. I had no idea what the normal drinks order was, so I went for the safe option; their house ale and a shot of belvedere with a lime twist.

If you like your quirky little pubs, I advise you to make the trek up Mansfield road and check it out.

Maximilian Sutcliffe


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