Holy Moley! it’s gee whizz

Held once a month in The Den, Gee Whizz! is a wonderland of brilliant music, good drinks and a bubbling atmosphere. We caught up with David Edgcumbe, the person behind this night, just before his ‘Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’ to explain everything you need to know.

Impact: What’s the idea behind your night?

David: I wanted to put on a good night in the Den. It’s cool, friendly and not pretentious. I wanted a range of music that wasn’t readily on offer.

Impact: The music is so different from most nights. Why this kind of music?

David: We play a mixture of everything. Anything from Soul, Blues and Motown right through to Ska, Funk and reggae. There isn’t really anything in Nottingham that offers this. Most clubs and nights are the same genre, the same Top 40 songs and I wanted something different.

Impact: So who’s turning up?

David: At first it was mostly Freshers but now 2nd and 3rd years are hearing about it and making the effort to come down. Some people get dressed up according to the theme of the night and word is starting to catch on. [N.B. That night saw Gee Whizz! attract more people than ever before and The Den was packed with students from all years. David admitted he was shocked but couldn’t wipe the smile off his face the whole night].

Impact: The cocktails look good…

David: Yeah, we have Holy Moly and Earl Grey vodka shots every time and then a cocktail that is part of the theme of the night. This month is the Jabberwok. We have raffles and contests throughout the night to win drinks as well as free cake and ice cream.

Impact: And the 8-piece soul band?

David: Yeah, they play songs from every decade and it’s just a bit different again. They are a soul band from Nottingham and sound really good.

Impact: What’s your favourite bar in Nottingham?

David: Malt Cross play really good music. Alley Cafe is good as well and the Bop at Blu Bar.

Impact: Best ever fancy dress outfit since coming to Nottingham?

David: (laughs) The Hitcher probably. It was to Halloween Gatecrasher in first year; I learnt the whole speech and everything. No one stuck around long enough to hear it though. I made the thumb out of Papier-mâché and everything.

Impact: And finally, can you sum up the night in a sentence?

David: Tip Top Toe Tappers and Freakin’ Fun Retro Rhythms.

Look out for the next Gee Whizz! in The Den on the 30th March at 9pm.

Nina Sorensen and Sam Tully

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    18 August 2010 at 10:02
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    Can you possibly include some Hip-Hop in the next night? If I may suggest a judicious selection of underground artists would you be willing to delve into such territory? True Hip-Hop is, after all, a mish-mash of musical genres from punk to motown to blues.

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