Lenton Hopper Bus Pledge Abandoned at Exec Question Time

The chances of a Lenton Hopper Bus Service – seemingly a perennial objective of the Union – look slim after current Students’ Union President Rob Greenhalgh admitted the likelihood of such a service was “very low”.

Speaking at a much publicised SU Executive Question Time, the President stated that a review concerning the feasibility of such a service had taken place; however, the funding for such a service is not available. Instead the possibility of a low-fare, not for profit bus service was raised, which would run solely for the use of students.

A similar issue with buses and capacity was also raised regarding the Sutton Bonington service, and it was admitted that only one bus driver operates on this route, causing an inevitably unpredictable service. As the service is sub-contracted, there is no immediate solution to this issue, though talks with the company which operates this service were promised.

While Democracy and Communications Officer Dave Hind had professed to be “really happy” with the turnout at the event, it was felt that numbers for the high profile occasion could have been better. Only around thirty students were present, although URN also provided some coverage. With student apathy a significant issue facing the Union today, it could prove to be a pertinent topic in the Union Elections.

Ben McCabe

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  • Hamish
    11 March 2010 at 19:17
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    The idea of a hopper bus between Lenton and campus is ridiculous. Whilst X number of students currently take the bus to campus, this number would increase tenfold with the creation of a free hopper bus. Would providing a free bus for those who are too lazy to walk or cycle really be the best use of SU money? What happened to encouraging people to walk and cycle? A free hopper bus would seriously undermine the University’s commitment to increasing cycling to and from campus. As a final point, what is the point in pestering the University to increase on campus recycling and reduce energy usage if we are to dramatically increase the level of motorised transport between Lenton and campus. Although the idea of a free hopper bus will likely never be realised I dispute strongly the idea of subsidising a student only service for all the same reasons.

  • Rob
    11 March 2010 at 19:41
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    Good. These lazy contempories of mine should blummin well walk from lenton.

  • David
    11 March 2010 at 22:53
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    Given that this Exec Question Time happened on Thursday 28th January, while what Rob said was relevant, it seems fair to suggest that this is appearing on Impact now due to the elections, and someone having a friend or two running against the candidates that may have mentioned this…

    I’m against the idea of the bus myself, I think there are far better solutions to the ‘problem’ (of which walking is one!), but being almost two months ago this is in no way ‘News’. Well, not unless Impact want to be seen as being at the forefront of breaking-news journalism in the way that Silvio Berlusconi is at the forefront of the drive for personal and political integrity.

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