Splurge in Stockholm?

“You must be loaded”, “Have you won the lottery?” and “Have you taken out a loan?”, were the questions asked when I told people I was heading to Stockholm. Things looked promising when I was booking the flights and the hotel; the price was no more damaging than staying in central London.

When you’re battling against the snow, ice and bracing winds make sure you head to the spectacular city hall. Its massive red brick tower is located near the central station and it gives the finest views of the city in an idyllic setting. Also make sure that you spend plenty of time wondering the streets in the pretty old town, Gamla Stan. The pretty Julmarknad Square is home to Chokladkoppen, which has chairs for midgets and serves its hot chocolate in a bowl.

When eating out in Stockholm, try and do it during lunchtime. At 19glas in the old town I tucked into minestrone soup and a delicious reindeer kofte kebab for a mere £11. It tasted a bit like venison and was perhaps the most bizarre thing I’ve ever eaten; but absolutely delicious.

Like any town, Stockholm also has more expensive, poncey and pretentious places. I waltzed into a pub that boasted 16 cask ales, all from Sweden. Like a moth to a flame I could not resist, but almost had a heart attack when the barman asked for £8 in return for an average pint. Do your research before heading out, otherwise a cheap getaway could potentially take a massive chunk out of your student loan.

Scott Perkins


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