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Let’s be honest, being a musician isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be, especially when you’re relying on playing in your local pub to some dull geriatric crowd who would rather be listening to the likes of good old Frank Sinatra or are too busy playing bingo to even notice you’re in the room. Surely you must reach a point and think “Oh my god, what the hell am I doing?” I mean I don’t personally know the experience of feeling deflated after a gig; to be honest I wouldn’t even know what to do if somebody handed me a tambourine. However I know others who do know this feeling far too well, and these others have decided to do something about it.

Sophie Skinhead set up The Music League in 2009 giving unsigned bands, yes that’s right kids UNSIGNED bands, the immense privilege to play at some of London’s most high profile venues to crowds who actually give a damn about music. Skinhead felt like her band were being exploited for virtually no reward and “wanted to set up something that was run by musicians for musicians – where each gig you played was part of the bigger picture”. The Music League provides a platform for those that are unsigned and most importantly those who want to share their music and talent with a wider audience.

Essentially it’s a competition. Now don’t get your minds racing to the likes of Battle Of The Bands and thinking of playing to a teenie-bopper scene – I’ve been there and done that and I’ll tell you now it wasn’t pretty. You wouldn’t usually consider music competitions being the place to begin if you wanted to make it big in the music industry, but The Music League is everything you’ve ever wanted and I guarantee it will be more than just playing in London. Last year’s winners ‘Hoss’ got the amazing chance to play on the main stage at Winterwell Festival. And if you think that’s good, this year the winners of The Music League will not only be returning once again to Winterwell festival but will also be playing on the main stage of the rapidly up-and-coming festival Secret Garden Party this summer.

This is how it works: The Music League is totally free, just sign up online at and all you have to do is reel in the votes. The more votes you get from fans and friends the higher up in the league you’ll go. All it takes is for friends and fans to come to the gigs themselves and experience the awesome atmosphere, voting in person or online. Could The Music League finally be what all unsigned musicians have been looking for? Many artists today are turning away from major labels so they can keep their original sound and keep plugging it at live events. With this in mind it seems like The Music League is the ideal place to start. Remember, it’s all about LIVE.

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