The Walls Have Ears

Rumours about election mishaps are beginning to fly around campus – and you never know who is listening. Youtube was a recent platform for a disgruntled student, as we reported at Now there’s another online development.

At a blogger writing as “That’s What She Said” has been, apparently, eavesdropping on the SU goings-on. While Impact cannot confirm all of the rumours published in the blog, the writer reveals that James Phillips, a presidential candidate, failed to hand in his manifesto, “not due to sheer incompetence, but due simply to the fact that he is currently in Thailand. An epic practical joke, it seems his friends put him into the presidential race without his knowledge. You’d be forgiven for thinking that the same had been done to one or two of the other potential Presidents, with 2 of the remaining 4 failing to produce campaign videos or, more importantly, attend last nights CRISIS.” The writer goes on to say that one of the presidential candidates who did make it to Crisis left early “with a very pretty but inebriated blonde on his arm.”

James Phillips is one of three Exec candidates who have already dropped out of the running. Impact can confirm that James Tobias and James Hastings, who had been standing for AU Officer and Equal Opportunities and Welfare respectively, have also thrown in the towel; the SU website has yet to remove Hastings from the candidate listings. One can’t help noticing that it’s been a bad week for Jameses: let’s hope Mr. Torrance can handle the pressure of being the only remaining James in the elections. “That’s What She Said” writes that Tobias left due to his apparently unexpected success in applications to law firms, but that rumours had been heard that Hastings left due to bullying – this rumour is quickly quashed, the real reason being, apparently, “I just don’t want it enough.”

In the most recent post the writer criticises the lack of student awareness of the elections, saying, “promotion of the SU elections this year has been appalling, conspicious only by its absence.”
Earlier posts include details of an overheard phone conversation of the LGBT Officer candidate on a bus, commenting, “Which current Women’s Officer was heard taking daddy’s advice about running for LGBT officer and boasting to him about her baking skills? Pretty unconventional for a feminist… even stranger that she needed advice considering she’s running against RON.” Apparently the walls really do have ears.

Lucy Hayes

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  • Anon
    5 March 2010 at 21:06
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    I’m sick of the bitching. I’m gonna R.O.N. the lot of them!

  • Elizabeth ‘egg’ Goddard
    6 March 2010 at 02:10
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    I posted the following response to the blog post about me:

    1. You are really creepy.
    2. I was on the phone to my mum.
    3. I make excellent cakes.

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