Tilt: Blues and Cocktails

When a classic martini is served in a goldfish bowl, either a bar is confident in its ability or just downright stupid. The stem of Tilt’s martini glasses is chopped off and you’re left with a glass that looks like something you would put on a cat’s neck to stop it scratching a wound. When plunged in a bowl of ice it does keep it cold but you look like a prick, not James Bond. The measurements were a tad stingy too; don’t expect your Martini to be filled to the brim!

Thankfully, this was one of my only grievances. The cocktail list is extensive with unique takes on classics. Make sure you get a Blues Blazer; a mix of Courvoisier cognac, Drambuie, vanilla sugar and orange peel mixed under the flame of a tea light. Torched and muddled with ice, this sweet and warming tasting cocktail is seriously impressive and original. Another notable speciality was the Polar Express, which contained rum and lingonberry liqueur, served in a regular martini glass and garnished with a slice of crisp apple and cinnamon.
The live music is a nice touch that sets Tilt apart from the rest of the cocktail bars in Nottingham. However, if you’re a blues purist, don’t expect the finest music to listen to attentively. The songs played by one of the resident artists were soul and funk, not rough-round-the-edges blues. On top of this, the live acts perform on the top floor, which lacks a bit of atmosphere and the music is so loud it rumbled my internal organs. Make sure you sit on the bottom floor where there’s a great atmosphere and the music is at the right level.

Tilt is a bar that students have yet to latch on to. Its cocktails are the best in town, well priced, and the concept of having live blues is great. Perhaps I am being overly critical, but I really want this bar to realise its potential, invest a little more in the décor (so I don’t get trapped in the toilet cubical without a door handle) and become a truly great bar.

Scott Perkins


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