Valentine’s Day Travels: Mishaps and Mayhem

The ideal Valentine’s Day should be perfect. This does not necessarily mean extravagance, it just means that everything should run smoothly; catastrophes should not be on the menu! Travelling is always vulnerable to mishaps, as are surprises. The combination of Valentine’s Day and travelling is a risky option, but done well it ticks all the boxes of a rom com Valentine’s Day. However, if things go wrong with surprise Valentine’s Day trips away, it spells three Ds: Disappointment, Disaster, and ‘Don’t-wanna-talk-about-it’ (until you can laugh about it later).

Paris is considered to be one of the most romantic destinations, but with the Euro the way it is, not ideal for students unless some kind of bargain can be found. Valentine’s Day prices are ridiculously high, making finding a cheap weekend away in Paris some kind of miracle. A friend of mine considered himself to be blessed by some such luck, and was excited about his future title of ‘best-boyfriend-ever’: convinced, quite rightly so, that he’d struck gold with his plan. What made this even better was that his girlfriend had never been abroad before, and so when he told her the night before where they were going for Valentine’s Day she was ecstatic. Upon arrival at St Pancras to take the Eurostar, whilst inserting his ticket into the barrier he smugly whispered to his girlfriend, “Ready for Paris?” The ticket wouldn’t go through. Red-faced, he persevered before asking for assistance. He was told that he had arrived early: a month early to be exact. Yes there was disappointment, this certainly was a disaster and needless to say, he is not ready to laugh about this one yet.

Nasreen Janmohamed

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