Aloha Bad Juju Tiki Bar!

Bad JuJu Tiki Bar might have a complicated name but could be just the answer if you’re missing the summer vibe during the longest winter we’ve ever had. Situated in Hockley on Board Street, this new cocktail bar recreates the atmosphere of a summer Hawaiian night. With bartenders dressed in Hawaiian shirts and your drinks served in coloured tiki face mugs, it will give you the desire to fling off your shoes, get some flip flops and never drink out of a normal glass again. The prices were typical of Nottingham cocktail bars but for the extensive range of rum-based drinks it’s definitely worth the setback. House special ‘Zombie’ is a titillating mix of five rums, liqueurs and spices that is set alight and with a limit of 2 per night, it will get you hoola dancing. Live music plays every Thursday with £2 off drinks all night during the week. Being the only Tiki Bar in Nottingham its theme offers a welcome alternative and fun concept that has been pulled off astonishingly well. Strangely the retro style couches and lo-fi, bluesy music fits in with the tropical vibe and creates a relaxing ambiance.

However, Bad Juju Tiki Bar still seems to be finding its feet with a mixed clientele and dubious positioning, standing out in the more-bohemian Broad Street. The night itself is enjoyable and drinks are cheaper than average for the area (Brass Monkey, Saint and Opium) but perhaps a happy hour would soften the blow on your wallet. If you decide to go a little Tiki, you should bear in mind that you are going for a quality cocktail and not just a precursor to Ocean.

Jonny Mackie and Sam Tully


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