Books To Get Your Teeth Into

Over this Easter break I was fortunate enough to get a two-week placement at a London publishing house. I am only half way through but, with the number of manuscripts I have had to read, I feel like I could already give quite a few book reviews for Impact. Fortunately, whilst nitpicking over spelling and grammar would be most people’s worst nightmare, I admit, with a little shame, that I quite enjoy it (although 300 pages on Rafael Nadal’s various tennis matches was a little slow-going)!

What has surprised me the most so far, however, is the number of vampire-related books that have been published in the last few months. This is of course, no doubt, due to the popularity of the Twilight series, and, indeed, biographies of Stephanie Meyers, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are already being released. However, the popular book, and now film, series has seemingly sparked much interest in the more real, if real is the right word, world of vampires.

Arlene Russo, founder of Bite Me Magazine (a publication for vampire enthusiasts) has released a couple of books on such supernatural beings. Most recently she has written The Real Twilight, which delves into the less romantic vampire scene of the United Kingdom. In the book, Russo interviews ‘true’ vampires as well as vampire hunters, something which could be deemed quite dangerous considering she is referred to as “Queen of the Vampires.” The book has actually caused complaint with some of these vampire hunters…but I suppose cooperation between the two groups would be too much to hope for. Hopefully however, Russo, who ironically admits to a phobia of blood, will be safe from those that claim to have actually exorcised vampires (by driving a stake through their heart and beheading them).

Twilight has created a fascination with vampires and I have heard some of my friends, chiefly female ones, say that such beings would make good marriage material (particularly those that look like Pattinson I’m sure). Well perhaps this book shows that there is hope out there for my friends; but next time I see upon their neck something suggestive of an interesting night in Ocean, I may be more curious as to whether something more sinister is going on!!

By Michael de Vletter

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