Can you Party Hard with your Other Half?

Nights out with your other half are a maker or breaker of your evening, and that of those around you. Too many nights have been tainted by the minefield of squabbling couples. I introduce your main culprits:

The Cling-On
Watching a girl chase around after her man is about as heartbreaking as watching a dog chase its own tail. The night is only going to end with tears and disappointment. This scenario is more common amongst the newest couples and is normally a result of insecurity, or just plain annoyance. However, this problem is not just limited to the female population. Boys seem to appoint themselves as private bodyguard to their humble lasses. In reality, it’s more like being followed around by an anti-fun six foot shadow. The solution to this: either have single sex nights or stick with your relatively separate friendship groups so that when the end of the night comes, you can go off and have your own private party.

The Lad and the Tramp
This is one of the most common night breakers. When one of the two halves decides to consume more than the other, all hell breaks loose. Some form of grinding with other males, laddish behaviour, and potential chunder find their way into the evening. For them and their friends, the night is ruined, the only comfort being the grease of an Ocean burger. This is when the friends need to step up and draw attention away from the more drunk of the two, whilst the others concentrate on ensuring the other behaves themselves.

And finally, the Night Maker
It seems when it comes to couples, they either have a great night together, or a cataclysmic bugger of a night. I wouldn’t want to suggest that it’s impossible to have a great night out with a couple. It’s evening perfection when couples play off each others’ banter, make a conscious effort not to isolate their friends, and manage to sneak in a private dance or two in-between frolics with mates. All couples should take note of this pair, who leave any drama and expectations at the door and get the beers, moves and banter in without the tears.

Nina Sorensen


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