Fun times on Mephedrone?

Mephedrone is a currently legal entactogen stimulant that many people reading this will have no doubt heard of or taken for research purposes. I don’t want to bore you with the details; instead I want to give you an idea of what a night on Mephedrone might be like.

The night began in Camden Underworld with some lads from a trance metal band who will remain nameless. The Jaeger was flowing well until about 10pm when Mike invited us all into the girl’s bathroom for a bit of Miaow. The band clambered into a single cubicle in a drunken style. Meanwhile, I was trying desperately to convince the girls coming into the bathroom that we had made a wrong turn a while back, and were trying to rectify the situation. About five minutes later they emerged in a very odd fashion mainly complaining about the intense burning sensation in their nose and throat. I think they all agreed that was definitely a bad move considering how drunk they were, but I’m sure this was the extent of their worries.

After this first little hit they had already polished off Mike’s stash, but then again how hard can it be to find drugs in Camden? We left the bar pretty sharpish after this with about 15 jaegermeister shot glasses and a plastic carrier bag full of road beers just in case. It took us about 20 minutes to acquire a large bag of “the nation’s favourite” from a mobile street vendor, and with that they had enough supplies to keep them wired for the next few hours. After they had another hit in the McDonalds toilets, it was clear that the drug’s effects were becoming more prominent. It made them act like beasts with a bad cold and gave them facial expressions that said: ‘the lights are on but no one’s home.’ Some unbelievable claims were made about penis sizes also; I won’t go into the details.

The night took a turn for the worst at about 2.00am when we ended up in Clapham with about five beers and 2g of the stash left. In the period between McDonalds and Clapham they had been re-dosing every 20 minutes, taking it upon themselves to maintain that same high. Many of them were looking very dissociated with the surrounding area, half asleep but kept awake by the drug coursing through their system. At this point Mike decided that they would finish at least one more bag and sell the rest on. He racked up a footlong on the hood of a car and said, “tuck in.” They simply could not hack anymore and started vomiting, cursing the stuff, and ranting that they would never touch it again. I had heard that mephedrone could corrode the magnetic strips on credit cards so to be honest I was more concerned about the paint on the car.

After they had taken it to the nearest club smoking area to sell it on, I decided to part ways with them and make my way home, incredibly confused by the whole thing. I’m certain this isn’t what occurs on most mephedrone nights but just keep in mind what can happen if you mess with things you should leave well alone.

This article was written in March 2010 while mephedrone was still legal.

Harry Bloggs


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