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My First DVD

Love Actually

I admit that saying this will make some of you question my masculinity (and/or heterosexuality), but I stand by my purchase. It’s a great film. Sure, it’s not exactly life changing and the plotlines won’t blow you away. Not to mention the slightly questionable timescale of the film… But it makes you feel so good inside, it makes you smile and laugh. It’s the perfect film to watch when you’re ill or depressed. You know what? Maybe love actually is all around us. Right, now I’m going to go work out and watch sport before my testicles fall off…

Stephen Lovejoy

Bring it On

“I’m sexy, I’m cute, I’m popular to boot…” If that song means anything to you, then you were probably like me in 2001 and couldn’t stop singing it around school after the release of Bring It On, a comedy about cheerleaders and not much else to be honest. If you haven’t seen it then you’ve missed out on some classic moments in teenage films. Spirit fingers anyone? And any film that has such a serious line as “Courtney, this is not a democracy, it’s a cheerocracy” has got to be worth a watch every now and again. A good first purchase I think! Go Toros!

Lucy Kenderdine

Little Nicky

As a fresh-faced thirteen-year-old I stood facing the shelves at Smiths. Five pounds? For a DVD? But they are so shiny and you can pause it and have a picture perfect image! I knew I would get a bollocking from my mum for spending my week’s pocket money on what was essentially a film full of guff. Despite this I watched the film maybe five or six times until I realised Sandler was a bit of a goon (and not the good kind).

Scott Perkins


I bought my first DVD the first time I fell in love. Not the conventional swooning at an unattainable male across a crowded classroom love – I fell for a character, a sensibility, a complete world. For months I wanted to live life in a red-green palette, distributing good deeds to strangers with elegant whimsy. I bought Amélie, cementing my fourteen-year-old passion for all things French. Whilst my (unhealthily frequent) repeat viewings began to shape my admiration for Jeunet and world cinema, it also sparked an addiction to cataloguing my life through my DVD collection, which continues to cripple my bank balance.

Isabelle Parkin

The Lord of the Rings

You kids don’t know how lucky you are with your new fangled DVDs – back in the good ol’ days we had bloody VHS! We were happy with the grainy, poor quality and were thankful for it. The arrival of DVDs changed home movie distribution forever, and since buying the first Lord of the Rings from Woolworths (a shop we used to have back in the day), in 2002, I haven’t looked back. I now own well over 300 films on DVDs and it all started with that first purchase. Thanks Lord of the Rings.

Albert Wallace

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