Spring Beauty

With spring well and truly in the air, it’s time to start thinking about your summer beauty. Here are a few cheap tips and tricks to help you achieve your new summer look on a budget:

Rimmel’s new ‘I ? Lasting Finish’ nail varnishes are bright, long lasting and what’s more, cheap! Mixed with S/S 10’s essential shade, ‘greige’, they create gorgeous pastels perfect for spring, which can be as bright or as pale as you choose!

Vaseline; perfect for combating hot, humid, days, what would we do without it? Multipurpose moisturiser, frizz tamer and lipgloss, this product does everything. Combine it with powdered eye shadow or blush for a subtle sheen or layer over matte lipsticks for a glossy finish.

Whether for your course or graduation, the summer means balls! Want a makeover before the special occasion, but can’t afford your own makeup artist? Beauty counters in department stores such as House of Fraser might be the perfect answer, as they often offer free makeovers, with discounts on any products bought that day. Perfect before a big night out or posh event and who knows, you may even pick up a few tricks.

Share! Being in a student house is one of the few times you’re likely to live in a house with several other girls… So make the most of it. Make up and accessories are particularly good due to their ‘one size fits all’ nature, but sometimes clothing and even shoes can be swapped. Even if it’s not your usual style it’s a great chance to try something different, for free, and you may find something you like.

And finally, sales. All shops have online stores these days and most offer a free e-newsletter. Sign up with your favourite shops to receive updates of promotions, offers and clearance items. A personal favourite is, harbouring everything from cosmetics to styling suggestions.

Tessa Sampson

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    We should have a wast idea about seasonal changes and we should change our fashions as seasons changes.

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