The Big Red F… Win an iPad!

As a child the prospect of a treasure hunt provided about as much excitement as chasing bubbles, which as I’m sure you’ll all agree, was a thrill unfathomable to our now-adult selves. Well thanks to Classic FM’s new Big Red F competition, we can relive the glory days of bubble-blowing, worm-eating, and opposite-sex-hating with an old school treasure hunt, but instead of coming out of it with a packet of smarties or a grazed knee (as every childhood activity ended with), you could win yourself an Apple iPad (the iPod Touch for the visually-impaired) or an iPod Touch (the poor persons iPhone).

For the next two weeks the Classic FM Big Red F will be hidden in various locations around campus, protected by the “Guardian of the F” who will be equipped with a camera. The student with the funniest, most interesting, or unusual picture with the Big Red F will win an iPad, and the second prize winner will get an iPod Touch – couldn’t be simpler!

To locate the Big Red F keep an eye on Classic FM’s twitter page (@classicfm_1), their facebook page (, or on Foursquare (, where they’ll be leaving clues as to the location. The photos will be uploaded daily onto the Classic FM facebook page, so keep a look out for your crazy snap, and tag away!

Gareth Cash


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