Vent Your Spleen: The Blackberry – A Stain on 21st Century Technology

Personally, I believe that the Blackberry represents your stereotypical social-climbing, fake student looking to further their name. I hate the Blackberry.

The first aggravation has to be the new unique technology the Blackberry boasts; the famous Blackberry Messaging device that allows people to contact each other for free on-the-go. A great idea on paper of course, but not taking into account the irritating baggage that comes with it. For instance, the mind-numbingly annoying pin number which people feel it’s necessary to advertise on Facebook, and of course the fact that the sender can tell when you have read a message, leaving the owner susceptible to numerous arsey messages regarding their lack of reciprocated contact.

The Blackberry has the capacity to instantaneously transform the owner from a fully functional human into a gormless idiot on social occasions. It has become the norm to expect Blackberry owners to stop conversations mid-sentence and begin to tap frantically at the keys. How can a gadget devised to help you keep in touch with people render you so socially inept? There is also the stigma attached to non-Blackberry owners; I seem to have become a social outcast because my inferior Nokia phone does not have BBM, a camera, or – heaven forbid – mobile internet so that I can incessantly check my Facebook profile.

And then there’s the irrational dependence. The amount of suffering I have witnessed when people’s Blackberry phones, which incidentally have a lifespan of less than a month, break or are lost, is ridiculous. It is remarkable how such a small and flimsy piece of equipment can, when broken, apparently destroy the owner’s social, personal and spiritual wellbeing.

This brings me to my last problem – a problem that I realise I have been guilty of throughout this rant. It is just a phone so please refer to it as a phone and not as your Blackberry. Blackberry is the name of the company that makes the phone and not the name of the actual item. I can honestly say I have never informed my friends that I’m about to make a call on my Nokia, so why must you do so with a Blackberry?!

I can’t imagine this will deter people from such behaviour, but if you do so in my presence be prepared for an outburst – until I get a Blackberry of course…

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    29 April 2010 at 10:08
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    Blackberry is the name of the device, not the manufacturer. RIM is the manufacturer.

    I can fully understand the annoyance of the device, but I don’t hate it. It’s more the social implications and the person’s personality as to how much they make it ‘their life’. My housemate has a blackberry and isn’t constantly on it, unlike my best friend who seems inseparable from hers.

    These days if anyone’s phone breaks then it’s a major annoyance, especially if you’re at university. Trying to meet up, sort out work, finding if the lecture is on, it all revolves around your mobile phone. So understandably a lot of people may feel naked without theirs.

    As for your final point, I think it’s because the times are changing. Especially with rahs trying to ‘flash their cash’, but iPhones are referred to as iPhones, and BlackBerrys as such. I mean is it so weird to call your device by its actual name? Granted I think it’s stupid to say “I’m gonna call Jenny on my BlackBerry,” but I see nothing really wrong with “I’m gonna BBM Jenny”. I mean they’re not texting so they’re just being correct.

    This is all splitting hairs really, in the grand scheme of things we’re just getting more and more BlackBerrys and the way that people behave with them is the problem not the device itself.

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