Early indication poll shows Conservative support in Nottingham

Impact and the Nottingham Evening Post polled 1,079 people at various locations in Nottingham city centre this weekend. We gathered information on gender, age, voting intention (including undecided and not voting).

The Conservatives polled the most votes: however, the single largest group of voters were undecided. Labour came second, with Lib Dems in third. We have organised the party results below:

Conservative 23%
Labour 19%
Lib Dem 15%
Ukip 3%
BNP: 2%
Ind: 1%
Eng Dem 0.2%

Undecided: 27%
Not Voting: 9%

It may seems as if Nottingham has been unaffected by the much-hyped ‘Cleggstasy’, though Lib Dems have made the most gains amongst the younger voters, with 39% of teenagers planning on voting for them. Lib Dem allegiance by age is as follows:

Teens: 39%
20s: 18%
30s: 21%
40s: 12%
50s: 16%
60s: 6%
70s: 9%

Regional indications show most seats holding the same parties, with a Conservative gain in Sherwood and a Conservative or Lib Dem gain in Broxtowe (both parties polled the same results). We have only included seats where we polled 50 or more people. Note that the ‘undecideds’ were more than any individual party in Broxtowe and Gedling.

By area of Nottingham, the holds and gains suggested are as follows:

Broxtowe: Con/Lib Dem gain
Gedling: Lab Hold
Newark: Con Hold
Nott East: Lab Hold
Nott North: Lab Hold
Nott South: Lab Hold
Rushcliffe: Con Hold
Sherwood: Con Gain

Lucy Hayes


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