24 Hours in Warsaw

8am – Dworzec Centralny

You’ll most likely find yourself at the central station. This behemoth with its ‘unique’ smell was opened in 1975. Grab yourself a 24-hour public transport ticket because everything in Warsaw is pretty spread out.

9am – Palace of Culture and Science

Get your bearings with a trip to the thirtieth floor of Poland’s tallest building (20/15zl). The Palace of Culture was built in the 1950s after Stalin offered Warsaw a gift of either a metro system or a palace. Warsaw asked for the metro system but got the Palace anyway.

10am – Warsaw Uprising Museum

Having seen the best views of Warsaw, head to the nearby Warsaw Uprising Museum to gain a grasp of the most pivotal part of Warsaw’s modern history. The Warsaw Uprising acts as a symbol for Polish national identity, consequently giving post-War Varsovians an opportunity to recreate the city. They chose to painstakingly reconstruct Warsaw as it had been previously using surviving paintings as a basis. Russian inaction to help has, however, never been forgotten.

11am – Jewish Warsaw

Next, take the short bus or tram journey to ul. Zlota 62 where a harrowing fragment of World War II remains. Tucked between innocuous flats is a surviving section of the Warsaw Ghetto wall. A seminal museum is currently being built and is set to open in 2012.

12pm – Old Town and the Royal Route

The Old Town was almost completely destroyed during the Warsaw Uprising but was reconstructed after the War. Make your way to the Royal Castle, which sits in the Vistula escarpment and was built in the 1970s. Stroll leisurely down the Royal Route, taking in the Presidential Palace and the Holy Cross Church, where Chopin’s heart is interred. For an authentic Sovietic dining experience, drop into the milk bar at Nowy ?wiat 39, where you will be able to fill yourself up for the change you have in your pocket.

3pm – Lazienki Park

Take the bus down to the 76-hectare ?azienki Park and take a stroll in the afternoon sun. While there, check out the Palace on the Water, so named as it’s situated on an island in the lakes. Make your way up to the Chopin sculpture on the edge of the park by Al. Ujazdowskie, where you will find Chopin recitals every Sunday at 12pm and 4pm throughout the summer.

7pm – Nowy swiat 22

Ready to start the night? Head up to Nowy ?wiat where at no. 22, tucked behind an opening in the shops and a run of bars, you will find the best place in Warsaw to get some beers and maybe some shisha.

10pm – ul. Mazowiecka

Head to the Tygmont jazz club to sample some great live jazz and flavoured vodka. After a couple of hours you will be ready to hit some clubs – head to Klub Zoo just across the road.

3am – Cinnamon

Cinnamon, not too far away on pl. Pi?sudskiego, is where Warsaw’s young, rich and beautiful hang out. Drop in for some of the best people-watching in Warsaw.

6am – Luzztro

Still going? Head to Luzztro on al. Jerezolomskie, apparently open 22 hours a day, although no one is quite sure about which two hours it is closed for. From here you will just need to stumble into any tram heading back towards the city centre to arrive back at the station and complete your 24 hours in Warsaw.

Martin Gowans


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