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With revision a distant memory and that summer job not quite organised, you may be concerned as to how you are going to afford your next style high. Fear not though, as the wonderful world of blogging is here to save your pocket and your clothing credentials. Food for the fashion hungry? I could binge all week!

‘Old Reliable’: /
A pair of FitFinder’s with pictures for the international style elite. The Sartorialist and Facehunter scour the fashion capitals of the world to bring us photos of fashionistas out and about in cities worldwide. They provide an amazing insight into global trends and are great for style inspiration.

‘The Procrastinator’: allows users to upload pictures of themselves in their favourite outfits to create an addictive gallery of personal style. A primary source of inspiration, this website is perfect for discovering ways to put together old items of clothing to create up-to-date looks. A league table also makes it easier to see the most stylish and popular uploaders, some of whom may seem a little self-indulgent with a lot of time to waste. But, hey, free style advice? As a thrifty student with little time myself, I’m not complaining!

‘New Kid on the Block’:
I wish I was this cool at thirteen, but unfortunately Nike TNs, Adidas trackies, anything Ted Baker and a Burberry cap comprised my typical outfit of choice at that age… yes, CHOICE! Tavi blogs all things fashion from her favourite editorials, collections and adverts, to old magazines and new releases. A great perspective on fashion through a pair of younger eyes, something especially needed when you reach the ripe old age of 21! That reminds me, can you pass that slanket please…?

‘The Guilty Pleasure’:
Celebrity style spotting. Nothing is more fun than taking one of the few available computers in Hallward to have a cheeky peek at WWWD. This site provides the perfect platform from which to imitate your favourite celebrity style. It takes various celeb looks and provides details on where you can get each item cheaper elsewhere. In addition, up to the minute trend news and handy hints means you’ll never fall far behind the fashion pack! Sadly I’m still waiting to find out where I can get affordable pyrotechnic underwear as worn by Gaga…rumour has it Matalan is on the verge of a breakthrough…

‘The Wild Card’:
Described as a ‘one woman culture industry’, Bip Ling gives us in insight into her ‘oh-so-fabulous’ life. With regular snippets from fashion editorials and observational posts (comme des garçons and My Little Pony feature regularly), it is Ling’s eccentric yet endearing commentary on fashion together with her interesting use of graphic design that makes this blog an altogether different read. It’s individual, just like her. ? ? ?

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