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If you’re anything like me, the news of a third Toy Story film will have caused the little child inside you to jump for joy, race around the room and try to locate the first two films for a good session of childish fun. And if you did do this, you may have noticed how many adult friendly jokes there happened to be hidden within the plot. I’m particularly thinking of the moment Mr. Potato Head emerges with the features of his face in disarray and exclaiming ‘Hey look, I’m Picasso!’ Or even the moment Buzz reveals to the toys his laser, prompting others to believe Woody has ‘laser envy’.

The fact that we now notice these jokes only serves to remind us that we’re not children anymore and, as it turns out in the third film, Andy isn’t either; he has aged around the same amount that we have, with him now heading off to college and donating Woody, Buzz and the rest of the gang to a local day care centre. The film follows the toys attempting to be reunited with Andy at any cost. So what does this mean to the way the film will be structured and presented? Will it appeal to the original generation that it was intended for i.e. our age bracket and thus continue to include references to keep us entertained? Or will it set off to capture a new generation of hearts with bright colours, new characters and 3D effects?

I hope it appeals to both. What made the original Toy Story such a huge hit was not merely the advanced graphics Pixar created; it was the heartfelt storyline backed up by a superb script that both children and adults could enjoy. From what I’ve read about the new film, the third instalment is much the same. Plus, from the plot, it would seem like it is trying to tell us not to forget about our childhood humour; maybe enjoying a further continuation of a film we adored is just the way to not grow up quite yet.

Lucy Kenderdine

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