Review Promised after Week One Bus Mix-Up

Week One staff have moved to reassure freshers after a shortage of buses saw many delayed on their way to and from Monday’s nights out. With fourteen buses originally set to be used, only six were in circulation on the night as some halls – especially Hugh Stewart and Cripps – were left waiting for extended periods to be transported to their respective clubs.

The roadworks outside the north entrance of campus, which have seen the A52 closed between Priory and QMC Islands, also had a detrimental impact on transport for the night.

With crowds of over 100 waiting outside clubs at the end of the night, the Week One Reps’ efforts were lauded as “superb” by Coordinator Danny Barry as – with assistance from club security – they ensured the safety of revellers, some of whom were on their first ever club night.

As part of their training, the reps are given instruction on crowd control, and Barry also praised club staff for their assistance: “Security came out and helped, and the DJs were great in getting people out to the buses on time, especially the likes of Sutton Bonington who had a very long journey. I’ve been really impressed with how the clubs are all set up.”

A complete review of the bus timetable has been promised to ensure that the remaining nights of the week go smoothly and freshers can enjoy the club nights to the full – starting with ‘Traffic Lights’ at Oceana and ‘Uniformity’ at CR-ISIS tonight. “It will resolve itself”, said Barry, “It shouldn’t be an issue again.”

Week One Reps Barney Banks and Ed Reid – of Derby and Cavendish, respectively – were keen that freshers caught up in yesterday’s difficulties should not be put off from future nights, noting that transport issues were largely forgotten once people got into the venue: “Seeing the freshers have such a good time made our job so much easier”, said Banks, while Reid felt that “Obviously there were some rowdy freshers, but as a team we worked really well, and it was amazing to see everyone getting so stuck in.”

Dave Jackson

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  • Daniel Cooper
    22 September 2010 at 11:48
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    Among the many explanations I’ve heard for how 14 buses became 6 was that 3 buses broke down all in the same night. The statistical probability of this freak event ever reoccurring must be minuscule!

  • TheNewNo2
    30 September 2010 at 14:01
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    It wasn’t great for the PGSA people either – Melton and Raleigh Park students were left waiting on Jubilee Campus for about an hour before a bus finally turned up to take them to Pitcher & Piano.

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