Live Review: Crystal Castles and HEALTH at Rock City – 21/10/10

The air was electric as Crystal Castles played at Nottingham’s Rock City, with Electro-Punk rockers Alice Glass and Ethan Kath delivering an incredible show. Opening band HEALTH imbued the air with palpable excitement, leaving the confused crowd disorientated – for those of you who know HEALTH, you will know this was exactly what they were trying to do.

The night then picked up a gear as Crystal Castles belted out a mix of old and new tracks. Opener ‘Baptism’ featured Alice Glass crowd/shoulder-surfing the final chorus. This was followed by fan favourite ‘Crimewave’ – the audience swayed and rippled to the beat as the night was taken up a notch. Glass strutted across the stage, one minute bouncing off the drum kit, the next swigging a bottle of Jack Daniels or collapsing on the floor. Kath meanwhile stood in the background twiddling knobs and switches, delivering a cacophonic wall of sound. “Amazing” said a member of the audience; “F***in’ awesome”, said another, which seemed to be the general consensus. Songs such as ‘Courtship Dating’, ‘Intimate’ and ‘Empathy’ proved that Crystal Castles have an amazing repertoire of live songs. Now all that’s left is to wait for the formality of my ears to stop bleeding.


Ben James


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