Style Survival Guide

Having a good time might be great for the soul, but the effects of late nights and cheap drinks aren’t so wonderful for the appearance. Nobody is less ‘fresh-faced’ than a fresher, and even us old-timers can’t resist letting the freedom of our first year go to our heads. What we can do, however, is impart some crucial advice for surviving your first year and the rest of University, if not with dignity, at least without bad skin and dodgy hair.

Rule 1: It’s All In The Preparation

Hitting Nottingham City Centre can be like venturing off into the unknown, and you need to be prepared for anything.
• Being a hot mess is never a good look, so invest in some heavy-duty deodorant such as Mitchum Smart Solid Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Stick that will last up to 48 hours.
• Don’t miss out on the fun by spending half the night re-applying your makeup in the toilets. Bourjois Volume Clubbing Mascara is specifically designed to stay put all night, even after you’ve got a bit emotional at S Club 7.
• Always pack a few plasters before you head out. Over-zealous drunks stepping on your toes and 6-inch heels make for a pedi-nightmare. We like Elastoplast SilverHealing plasters that help to reduce the risk of infection by tackling those resilient bar-floor germs.

Rule 2: Have Some Discipline

• It’s all too tempting to roll into bed wearing a full face of makeup and deal with the consequences in the morning. Eye makeup left on overnight can really irritate the eyes, and face makeup – especially cheap face-paints for fancy dress – will clog the pores of your skin, making you look even more tired or leading to breakouts. Minimise the chore of cleansing your skin after a night out by using hard-working products. Clinique Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser serves as a makeup remover, face wash and cleanser in one. Follow with Neal’s Yard Purifying Palmarosa Night Cream to help skin recover whilst you sleep.
• You’ve heard it a million times but it really is true. The best way to avoid the grey skin and bloodshot eyes? Water. Water. And Water. If you know you’re not the best for sobering up when you get home, try leaving a large glass of water by the side of your bed before you go out, and you’re more likely to actually bother drinking it.

Rule 3: Learn The Tricks Of The Trade

• Providing you make it to the end of the night, wandering bare-footed down the street with a burger in one hand and shoes in the other is not ideal. Be smug during the walk of shame and take some extra pennies with you to Oceana, where you can purchase a pair of comfy pumps from the Rollasole vending machine.
• Dry Shampoo. What we did before the days of shampoo-in-a-can I will never know, but make the most of this ingenious invention and get to your 10am Library Induction on time, and without scuzzy hair.

Jasmin Watts


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